Northwestern Knitting Co

The reintroduction of NWKC comes with heavy parallels to its past and a vision for what is to come. Its Merino Dual Cloth, utilizes a proprietary combination of yarns knit by a family owned mill in New Jersey.

From there, the fabric is sent to New York City's Garment District, an iconic neighborhood industry previously depleted by overseas manufacturing until its resurgence over the past decade holding its ground as a global leader for quality industrial sewing.

Once cut and sewn, each garment is finished back in its original home, Minneapolis. Its trademark badge is also knit by Minnesota Knitting Mills, a century old facility in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Each piece of this process contributes to making the revival of the Northwestern Knitting Co. something of quality and substance, echoing through its fabric, construction, and most importantly its details.

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