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About Us

Eames NW aims to curate premium men's apparel suited for life in the Northwest and the unique culture that we're a part of. We specialize in finding the best menswear staples, sportswear classics, and technical pieces to keep you feeling fresh and cozy no matter what the weather throws at you.

Eames NW was founded by Adrian Eames in 2017. Adrian has been collecting sneakers, obsessing over streetwear, and attempting to hunt down the perfect pair of raw jeans since he was 13 and has always dreamed of helping others do the same. 

The main philosophy behind Eames NW is that Wearing in > Wearing out. This means we focus on finding goods that are built with a level of quality and care that justifies the cost. We look for products that will stay with you for years and develop alongside you over time. This means inspecting every detail, from fabric types to construction methods so that we can truly stand behind what we sell.